1. Dervxerox

    Mac mini (2009), Apple logo, no progress bar, doesn't respond to keyboard, no sounds.

    Hi, I'm completely new to Macs. I acquired a Mac mini (2009) When I switch it on I get the Apple logo, no progress bar, no response to keyboard, no sounds. I've left it running for an hour with no change. Holding the power button for a while turns it off. Could someone please tell me what the...
  2. Slinkington

    Audio Files causing Mouse lag

    It seems whenever I open audio files, my mouse becomes unresponsive. I've checked task manager and the processes are fine, it's just the mouse pointer that becomes jittery. This happens when playing a file in something like Groove Music or Windows Media Player, but not from watching YouTube...
  3. Devrij

    Steam main window becomes unresponsive after playing games following creators update w10

    Sometimes it's fine, but a lot of the time the main window becomes unresponsive after I exit a game, and I can't even close it (right clicking the icon shows the menu except some artefacts obscure the close option). It's a right PITA and I've found just this thread on steam forums with no real...
  4. Leem92

    PC Freezing - completely unresponsive

    For a little while now my PC can run maybe for a few hours.. or a few minutes and then completely freeze.. Sound stops, graphics stop, everything. Cannot open Windows Task Manager and have to restart it from the main power button System: Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU AMD...
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