1. Darrenx92

    Advice please.

    Guys, opinions on this. I purchased a build on the 31st october, receieved the build 2 weeks later. Thats fine. Two days after the GPU had excessive coil whine. Sent it on a RMA. I think it was monday i recieved an email saying i will be getting a replacement qnd one sent depending on stock...
  2. peanutismint

    Any way to check the health/lifespan of a second-hand GPU?

    I bought a used GPU off eBay for gaming and I'm wondering if there's a way I could check if it's been used for crypto mining or anything else that might severely affect the lifespan of the card? Or should modern cards last for decades with high use? I last replaced my GPU about 8 years ago so...
  3. slim01

    2080 vs 2080 super? Or wait for Ampere... Go!

    As the title suggests... a) Used 2080 ("Ventus", to be AIO cooled) @ £420 b) New 2080 super ("Asus Dual" cooled) @ £570 or... c) Wait for Ampere! Need a 4k card because my TV sometimes supports 1440p, sometimes doesn't, and my gtx1080 just isn't up to 4k. Don't wanna wait (guessing till...
  4. 14bwells

    Used laptop

    Hi guys just wanted a bit of advice. I am looking for a new laptop and was wondering if someone could have a check over too see if this looks okay. I am looking to do some mild gaming but not much. Speedy web browsing etc. Thanks Ben Here are some specs: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon UltraBook...
  5. SqualidChimp

    Considering buying a Used car - seller wants to come to me

    The price was already too good to be true. The original ad on gumtree didn't specify that it was cat d - though the seller confirmed when I asked him the 'usual questions' directly? He was not forthcoming about the legal ownership status of the vehicle, though I had asked him this in the same...
  6. lost0ne33

    Best place to buy used office furniture

    Looking for a office desk used, were is the best website for this. Regards
  7. Tia

    Used 980ti

    After being fairly unimpressed with the launch of the new AMD cards and probably not wanting to pay what it will cost to get a Vega I am looking at getting a used 980ti. Are there any particular models to be wary of getting 2nd hand, or any in particular to recommend?
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