vega 56

  1. Hunted_Marksman

    Best 2nd psu jumper

    Im looking at sticking a second psu in my system instead of buying another really expensive one I currently have a 700w thermaltake psu and im looking at getting a 500w corsair one to power my duel Vega 56 setup (I render games so I need the horse power ). What would be the best jumper. I have...
  2. bitman

    Aorus x570 motherboard gfx card compatability

    Hi I have an Aorus X570 ultra (3900x), which will not recognise a Vega 56 Graphics card, hence no display. The board and card I bought in California, so no returns are realistically possible (uk resident). The Motherboard works very well with other old Gfx cards, and the Vega 56 seems to work...
  3. Weses

    Citizen Gaming PC switches off playing demanding games

    I bought this: I selected the Vega 56, 16gb RAM and Ryzen 5 2600. I unplugged all USB devices (except mouse and keyboard) I completely uninstalled GPU drivers with DDU and...
  4. SkeeterUK

    Is there a issue with my vram on my new vega 56?

    Hi there. So ive made a few posts since i got the card on the gpu forum here about some sort of motion tearing/bluring in videos like utube and gaming and some issues with gta 4 and 5. In gta 5 if i go speeding in a fast card sometimes textures dont load quick enough or at all sometimes. In...
  5. Space Monkey

    Asus Strix Vega 56 & Water Block Query?

    Hi all, Just a quick question, hopefully someone will know? When I enter the model number into the EK Configurator it lists the EK Vega '64' block as compatible with the Strix Vega 56 card, but with block and backplate it comes out at approx £165! Bykski do a block for the Strix Vega 64...
  6. Argon41

    Vega 56 Black Screening, fans to 100%, but system still operating

    Hi Guys; I've just purchased a Sapphire Vega 56 Nitro+ LE to replace my 1070 to utilise the freesync on my monitor. Since installing this, anytime i try to use any program (seems to be mostly benchmarks or intensive 3D games like Unigine Valley, Superposition and Crysis 2 (Modded Minecraft...
  7. stepea

    PSU for Vega 56

    Got a MSI B450 tomahawk motherboard with Ryzen 2600 and an old graphics card and PSU, looking for a compatible PSU to add a MSI Vega 56 to the system.
  8. Mrstan2k

    Sapphire Vega 56 freezes bios

    Afternoon just spent my afternoon trying to figure this out. Upgraded PSU and installed a Vega 56 but with it installed and running my pc will just freeze on bios won't go any further. I put in the old gfx card boots up no problem. PC Model - HP H81270ae Mobo - IPIS8-CH2 CPU - i7-2600 3.4 PSU...
  9. stepea

    Replace the liberty

    Looking for a power supply powerful enough for a msi vega 56. My evermax 650 liberty not up to it.
  10. $ilent

    Golden Vega 56?

    Hi All Recieved my new Sapphire Pulse Vega 56 couple days ago, I really seem to have some decent clocks for mega low voltage. Check my screenshot. This is stable at folding and gaming. During folding core runs at ~1609mhz, memory 950mhz and ~960mv. During gaming core clock runs at ~1600mhz...
  11. stepea

    PC won't boot

    This is my spec of my new build MSI B450 TOMAHAWK AMD Ryzen 5 2600 2 x Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 3000MHz DDR4 I've used an old PSU enermax liberty 620w and just added MSI 56 Vega. It won't boot - is the graphics card too much for the PSU. I have managed to get to the bios screen using an old...
  12. the_chez

    Vega 56 - Upgrade Help

    Hi all I'm on the market for a GPU upgrade and I got my eyes on Vega 56 Pulse as it's £300 new on overclockers which seems like a sweet deal. However I've seen mixed reviews online about PSU requirements where people with 620W PSU don't have any problems and some do. My system is the...
  13. Ellis McKinnon

    New ROG Strix Vega 56 running slow

    Hi, my first time on here looking for a bit of help. I have a new build 8600K, MSI Mortar MB, 16GB Corsair 3200, Be Quiet 580 Gold PSU and Asus ROG Strix 56 Vega running Adrenaline - no under volting or overclocking, simply standard. Put it all together two weeks ago running Windows 10...
  14. dai154

    Asus Vega 56 - install issue - help please

    Hi All, Just received the Asus strix vega 56 OC - upon install and reboot I get windows automatic repair come up and then a blank screen. Every reboot the same, as though it can not find windows. When I put the old amd r9 fury back in - all is well and windows returns. Is the card FUBAR from...
  15. Nelly

    MSI still going to produce AMD Graphics Cards?

    Why haven't MSI released a press release for an RX 590 graphics card, are they going to produce one? Also MSI never released an Vega 56 / 64 custom cooled graphics cards, why? Also will MSI still manufacture AMD graphics cards going forward? MSI seem to be still releasing FreeSync monitors...
  16. Nicnoc

    Noob first time pc build :)

    Dear experts, I have been looking to build a gaming pc for a while now and with the influx of deal I decided to purchase the sapphire vega 56 graphics card. In my mind i was actually gonna buy an nvidia one but the deal was too good to pass up. Now I have no idea which parts are compatible, I...
  17. megatron

    RX vega 56 playing Warhammer 40k: eternal crusade (unreal 4) and clocks/utilization

    I've got a youtube video of my RX Vega 56 running ET. Is this a driver problem or a game engine problem?
  18. steve22stoke

    WattMan Question

    Hi I just picked up my Vega 56. On using the WattMan software when I use the custom settings and set the frequencies manually and click apply all is good, but as soon as I reboot windows it forgets my settings, all drivers are also up to date. Any ideas? Many thanks
  19. Illuminist

    First Gpu custom loop (vega56), need some help with parts.

    Hello there, I want to get one of these vega blocks for my card, that bit i can manage (i.e taking apart the card and fitting the block) What happens next is a new mystery to me, i will need a radiator and pump and resevoir and pipes, this is where i have no idea what to buy. Could someone...
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