1. Space Monkey

    Looking for a wall mount for my Acer XZ321QU, any decent suggestions?

    Hey, I've got the Acer XZ321QU 32" curved monitor and I want to mount it to the wall, I don't want a desk mount. It's got a 100x100 vesa mount option, but I'm hoping someone has some experience on mounting this style Acer monitor? It appears that the better & stronger wall mounts come with up...
  2. Quartz

    Spec me a VESA stand for three monitors

    Spec me a VESA stand for three monitors. I want to neaten up my desk. I have three monitors in use right now: a 34" UW, a 24" 4K (portrait) and a 28" 4K. Two have VESA mounts and there's an adaptor available for the third. I'm thinking that because of the weight involved a clamp will be...
  3. Enxa

    Acer XR342CK Stand

    Hi, I bought the Monitor a while ago from OCUK and it’s great, but the stand is HUGE. It takes up so much of my desk space. I did plan on VESA mounting anyway so I made sure i bought a monitor capable of doing so. Anyway, I have a VESA arm and struggling to get the stand off the monitor. I’ve...
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