1. TwoThumbsFresh

    40MB Hard Drive for Sale

    First post, go easy on me hahaha I have a 40MB Hard Drive here, never been installed, DR Dos 5.0 disk pack still in its wrapper. Everything in its box, which is also immaculate. Where would be the best place to sell this, such a shame to chuck it in the bin. Details: Megacard 40MB Western...
  2. rjnicko_93

    My Complete Setup and Vintage Space

    Hi all, I decided to post a full setup shot with pictures of my collection. I'm a massive fan of collecting all sorts of gear, but mostly its old radios, telephones and cameras. I also love WWII Militara having use to be in a WWII Battle Re-enactment group where we portrayed 82 Airbourn 505th...
  3. Matzo

    486 Project - Gaming Machine

    The challenge is to create a vintage 486 machine to the highest possible specifcation built using what I have in the loft and what I can get my hands on, trying to keep it as authentic as possible by using parts from around that era. The feedback on this idea has been mixed, some people are...
  4. Matzo

    Vintage PC Builds - Think 486 Era

    There's just about every category in this site, but can't find a vintage section. So when I say vintage I'm not talking about whole rooms that computers used to occupy, but think more 486 which is when I really started taking an interest in custom PC builds. I've got 486 processors...