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  1. 01001101

    New to PCVR. Top 5 must have PCVR game suggestions.

    Happy New year folks! I just wanted to ask if anyone reading this could recommend their top 5 PCVR games? I finally got my first VR rig setup before the weekend. VR headset. VIVE pro 2. System specs: 7900XTX Nitro+ Ryzen 7900 32gb Ram. Averaging minimum of 80fps full res @ 120hz...
  2. Sharkhouse

    Alien Isolation [Mother VR] is the best VR experience I've had and it's a free mod.

    Just here to share what an incredibly good experience I had playing Alien Isolation in VR. The game is getting a little older now and was never a big hit, but is a cult classic with a well deserved fan base. My housemate started borrowing a VR kit [Vive] from a friend in Dec 2019, and due to...
  3. hyperseven

    Project Wingman (like AC7)

    On both GOG and Steam £19.49 Key Features: Fly in varied and exciting scenarios and locations unlike you've ever seen before Engaging single-player campaign Over 20 different aircraft and over 40 unique weapons at your disposal Fight different kinds of adversaries such as giant mechanized...
  4. hyperseven

    Space Pirate Arena (Warehouse scale Quest FPS)

    Posted a while back in the main Quest thread the beta seems to be nearly ready. https://www.i-illusions.com/#spa
  5. Don Electron

    AMBIENT OCCLUSION: an extensive guide on its algorithms and use in VR

    Hello! Our VR game developers created good material about ambient occlusion algorithms and using them in VR. We have tested many AO algorithms available on a Unity Asset Store and have come to some conclusion. If you are interested, you can read more about our experience here: Ambient...
  6. Slam

    F1 cockpit view with halo using VR

    This video gives a good impression of what the halo view is like, as good as anything can using a 2 dimensional video that is. The player/driver is using a VR headset and conveys his thoughts
  7. mutableself

    Durable VR PC for events in a closed environment

    We're planning on putting up to 4 PC's in the boot of a car for an event to run a simple unity based VR experience that we're making. I wanted to know if there are any recommendations for cooling (in the boot) as well as PC's (off the shelf or custom builds) that include things like vibration...
  8. Seven Wolves Studio

    Slice and dice! Zanshin VR. Sword fight simulator

    We want present to you our game Zanshin. Zanshin is a hardcore sword fighting simulator, where you can test yourself in challenging sword fights. Try your agility, reaction, speed. Move, block and strike your enemies down and then slice them into thousand pieces. Fight with hundred waves of...
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