vr pc gpu/ram speed advice.

  1. Gargantua

    GPU Upgrade for Valve Index

    Hi all, wondering if anyone could share some advice with me. I've had the Valve Index vr set sitting in my room for 5 months now, unable to get any rtx at MSRP like many other people. My PC currently has a 1050 ti , could anyone recommend me an upgrade that may be a little easier to get my hands...
  2. DELETED_231285

    3080 vs 3090 - what about for VR?

    Clearly a lot of very knowledgable and experienced folk here and lots of discussion about how disappointing the performance improvement is of the 3090 over the 3080, but I haven't seen any discussion or theorising about if the difference might be more (or less) pronounced when it comes to VR? I...
  3. PeteTyler781

    VR PC GPU/RAM Speed advice.

    Hello All, I want to build a new VR capable PC, I'm confused about the GPU and RAM clock speeds and what it means to best performance, There are some conflicting points of view on Google so what I would like is clear definitive advice, I wanted to get the AMD Ryzen 3900X 12 core 4.6Ghz...
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