1. Alex J

    My horrible RMA experience

    So I recently sent in my MSI Ventus RTX 3080 in for an RMA and was asked in an email if I would like a replacement of an rtx 4070ti which I was pleased about or a refund of only £379.16. so obviously I choose the 4070ti. Only to be emailed back 30 minutes later stating that there was a...
  2. Ash

    Gigabyte UK Warranty How Good?

    Hello Mates, Just joined OC UK to find out about Gigabyte UK RMA at present. It used to be good in past in UK but cant see any recent reviews. I Have just sent my GTX 1080 to RMA and waiting since monday when they receivd it and they say to give them 3-5 working days. The card was bought only a...
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