1. brendy

    Is it possible for £1k?

    I have a question or two and thought the hive mind of OC might assist. I have an Acer predator Helios 300 (12700h, 3070ti,32gb ram etc) laptop and use it for Warzone/Warzone 2.0, while its great at what it does, I wouldn't mind tinkering with mining also and dont really want to subject it to 24...
  2. roozor

    RX 7900XTX crashing in Warzone/DMZ 2.0.

    At my wits end with rhis RX 7900XXT and Warzone/DMZ/COD 2.0 My Sapphire reference card is running at 69c and 89c so in spec at stock - if i increase power limit, it can hit 110c within minutes. COD/Warzone/DMZ 2.0 are all crashing at random with the AMD wattman error. Sometimes I can get a...
  3. Samuel_Martin


    Hello PC peoples having an issue with PC since I changed monitor to 1440p 240hz … I have changed display settings and nvidia control panel settings to match monitor specs but as soon as I load the warzone main menu my gpu time rockets up too 100ms and I can barely even select games or options...
  4. RoidyRedRum

    Guidance for PC upgrade for gaming

    Hi all, This is my first time looking at upgrading my PC which is around 10 years old!! The system was originally purchased for graphic design and video work with some occasional gaming. It's pretty much been retired for the last few years as I moved to Apple for my work needs. I originally...
  5. Lasty

    Portfoward ps4 on vodaphone

    Hi all, have had vodaphone gigafast installed and keep getting connection failed on cod (ps4) its hard wired. Have tried wireless but still the same, if i connect to hotspot or old broadband it works instantly. Guy from vodaphone says can try portfowardi g but im a little stuck when i log into...
  6. ICalledShotgun

    My PC is underperforming!

    Why am I getting low fps in Warzone/Fortnite on LOW settings? My pc specs are as follows Geforce RTX 3070 (overclocked with msi afterburner), Ryzen 9 3900 (over clocked to 4.25Ghz), MSI B450 Gaming plus max motherboard, 16GB 3600mhz Ram. This results in me getting 90fps on the lowest settings in...
  7. Gorvinda Summan

    Strix 3090 underperforming

    Hello everyone! I have a 3090 Strix OC and in Warzone im getting roughly between 100-130FPS. I don't think this is right? I have tried to collate as much information as possible for anyone who could help me troubleshoot this issue: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X – Latest Chipset installed ASUS ROG Strix...
  8. LtMatt

    Show Off Your Call Of Duty Warzone Graphics Performance

    How does Warzone perform for you? I see mixed reports out in the wild with some users reporting stuttering or low performance and others saying it runs great. Feel free to share your performance reports or preferably video reports good or bad and show off your skills (if you have them - which i...
  9. Aidan Chester

    New build 3090 really slow

    I've recently built my 1st pc, Rog strix f - 3700x - zotac 3090 - 32gb 3466mhz ram. Everytime I load up warzone or cold war i cant get more than 120 fps, I play with people on 2060supers and they are getting the same fps but I've tried everything and nothing is changing it, really not sure what...
  10. Stein

    Buying a gaming PC

    I’m wondering if anybody can help me... I’m debating whether to buy a gaming pc or a PS5. I have a 144Hz, 1080p gaming monitor so if I was to buy a PC I’d want one that could run Warzone at ~ 144 FPS. If anybody has any recommendations of pre-built, good quality pc’s with that type of...
  11. Sunamun

    3080 STRIX 1080p Warzone

    Hi Guys, I got my 3080 STRIX today and I play at 1080p 360hz with a 8700k, I see nickmercs with a 3080 and his averaging 200fps on Warzone which I can’t for some reason, I get 250-300 FPS in multiplayer but in Warzone I am averaging 120-160 and it’s just mind boggling me!!! Does anyone know...
  12. CoolNameM8

    Warzone Plunder

    Looking for new players to come join us, we want you if your good or bad, or fed up with playing randoms. We’re a nine sweaty group who just play for fun https://discord.gg/FCtbua5
  13. Disco_P

    Call of Duty 17: Black Ops Cold War

    Came Out 13 November 2020. https://eu.shop.battle.net/en-gb/product/call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war Teaser: Reveal: Launch: PC Features:
  14. Declan ennis

    Call of duty lag? Can my pc handle it

    Hi all, so I’m pretty new to pc gaming land I am after some advise, my current set up is the following; - Ryzen 5 2600 - 1050 graphics card 4gb - 8gb Corsair vengeance ram is this enough to run this game? I’m currently getting around 230mbps so it’s not the internet, am I going to have to...
  15. Bone9

    What do you think is causing this problem guys?

    Hi PC spec is in my sig. I'm having an issue with Call of Duty Warzone and every now and then in certain places I get a red, white and sometimes green flashing over a large portion of the screen. My FPS ranges from 70 odd to 120. I'm overclocked but have never seen this issue in any other game...
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