1. MoridinUK

    PSU faulty or underwattage?

    Hey all, I recently purchased an upgrade for my aging pc. I intend to use this part in a better build later but it's also a big upgrade, but I think I've pushed the psu too far. System: i5-6600k overclocked at 3.5ghz ram: 16gb (also a little overclocked MB: Asus Rog Maximus VIII Gene Drives: 1...
  2. Removed User 345456

    How much electric would this use? Stock and undervolted TDP for the system?

    TLDR I refuse to pay the amount it'll cost me a month to run a 5800x/3080/4070 etc spec new rig so I'm thinking of building a budget 1080p'ish 2nd hand rig... What would my worst come worse wattage usage be for say a Ryzen 5 3600g OR 5600x (both 65w tdp)//3060ti system/27-32" monitor? excluding...
  3. CalO3822

    PSU Wattage

    Hello Guys. I have a 500 watt psu but after upgrading to more fans i have used a psu calculator and my wattage come too 530. Would this be ok or do i really need to upgrade my psu
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