wd red

  1. himaro

    WD Red \ Purple vs Seagate IronWolf \ SkyHawk. Raid, NAS, HomeLab, CCTV

    So, I'm building a home server to replace my ageing Proliant microserver G7. It's going to have it's work cut out for it, as it's going to be doing the following NAS CCTV (BlueIris) PLEX HomeLab Docker Kubernetes Jenkins Whatever I need it to be! I'm thinking of getting a dedicated raid...
  2. Mr crowley

    NAS specific hard drives

    Hi I'm currently speccing a nas which will be for home use, for keeping general media on. I'm thinking of using freenas, and i'm just looking at the requirements which recommend specific NAS hard drives such as WD red. I was going to use 4x 3tb drives with the ZFS feature to provide raid, to...
  3. UberGinge

    IDNF Errors

    I have a 6 TB WD Red in my HP Gen8 Microserver which has started to show IDNF errors. I have placed it in different slots in the server to no avail. It will randomily disconnect and won't be available again until it is physically removed and placed back in. Is there anything else I should check...
  4. SkyMovesSideways

    Dismantle RAID1 Asus mobo

    Hi All I bought 2 6tb WD Red drives to run in RAID1. After a bit of faffing on my motherboard I manage to get them to boot showing as RAID. I seemed to have to switch to raid mode where windows failed on my SSD, then put back into AHCI to successfully boot and to recognise Raid. Anyway, these...
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