1. cman

    Coil whine (I think) - sometimes

    I have a 3950x, 570board, 32gb Ram and a 1080ti. The 1080ti and my power supply (1000W corsair) are from my previous system. I never heard any coil whine before. When I fired up Divinity 2 I could clearly hear it. I think it's from the gfx card, but not 100% sure. The frequency changes as...
  2. marc1024

    "beeping" coming from my motherboard after graphics driver update.

    Hi there. I have just started to get an "issue" with my pc. It just started "beeping" after I installed the latest nvidia graphics drivers. It's hard to describe. It isn't actually beeping, more of a series whines in a sort of tune. It only happens after I log in to windows. If I don't log in...
  3. cmacsky

    A coil whine problem, please take a look!

    Hello, I have been getting a terrible coil whine THROUGHT my headset for some reason. Pretty sure it is coming from my GPU since when I am in a game the pitch/loudness changes when I change my FPS cap. (When I cap my FPS at around 120 or something for example it's not that loud, but I use a...
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