who even reads these?

  1. mrk

    Do you add anything to your Weetabix?

    Sparked a heated debate here whereby I was told anything but plain/dry Weetabix is a sin when I said I chopped bananas and grapes into mine then threw in hot whole milk. It's a flavour explosion like the world has never seen before. The grapes especially as they're chopped so slowly release...
  2. mrk

    PSA: Here's why you don't buy cheap USB Type-C adapters or cables

    I should probably note that this is in reference to conversion cables and adapters, not straight USB-C to USB-C, for example. I got three of those adapters for just under £4 on Amazon. The user reviews seemed good, and up until now they've been working fine. This one in particular was used at...
  3. mrk

    Mazda to start production of HCCI engined cars from next year

    This just popped up on a feed. A few days ago, Mazda announced that they are ready for production of these new engines. They claim performance/efficiency gains, and the goal is to get diesel economy from a petrol engine, whilst being cleaner and more powerful in the process. Looks like next...
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