windoiws 10

  1. Natkiio

    PC Hitches/Freezes few seconds after entering desktop

    Hi all! So my pc does this weird thing where it lags/ hitches when I enter the desktop from starting up the pc. So when I’m moving my mouse around after a few seconds the pc will seemingly freeze or lag. It’s noticeable as my mouse hitches completely. I’ve tried reinstalling drivers, different...
  2. foolishfriend

    GTX 1080ti and Benchmark Software Problems

    Hi, Not sure which section to put this is as I have now idea what the problem is. I have a mini ITX build with a Zotac 1080ti mini GPU, Intel I5-9600K, 16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 1 DDR4 3000 MHz RAM and ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming mobo. I have a problem with benchmarking software - notably...
  3. devilbradz

    What windows to install?

    hello iv made a new build for gaming i got windows on usb what is the best/cheapest to install windows 10 home windows 10 home N windows 10 home single language windows 10 Education windows 10 Education N windows 10 pro windows 10 pro N
  4. snappyfish

    HP Omen Model number HP-AN011NA (Right click menu)

    Hi, Just purchased this laptop, on the desktop in W10 the right click menu brings the blue circle loading icon and takes over a minute for the right click menu appear, sometimes it won't appear? This a W10 issues or driver?
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