1. sparkmachine

    Vega 64 OCCT Memory crash

    Hi , can anyone help or shed some light . I bought a B grade card , yep I know my fault , anyway I did not use it a great deal til now as I have had lots of time off work , so I am outside my warranty period . The card has a fault , it is memory related as games crash more while loading or...
  2. Purple44

    Bugbear NCG: Wreckfest now has real deal online Multiplayer.

    After a long wait Bugbear has finally release Build #6 that has real deal online Multiplayer and Bugbear has given Next Car Game an official new name, Wreckfest. After 15 hours last weekend of online racing, derbying and Team Deatmatches, I think the new name fits. :D Build #6 Live...
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