1. shealsosaid

    Car financing issue

    Hi everyone, So... this is going to be a bit of a read, but please bear with me. I purchased my perfect motor on finance in 2018, a 2015 Ford Fiesta, low mileage, 1 litre turbo boost engine with an automatic gearbox, I had no issues at all until late 2021 when my engine suddenly overheated on...
  2. russell664

    Car Write off - Hastings

    Hi all, The missis was hit by an idiot driving an Audi way to quick in a carpark.She came around the corner way too quickly and hit my missus mid lane change. Thankfully everyone is ok. The car is a MK5 GolF GT Sport. Our insurance is hastings direct - The car has sendimental value to it. The...
  3. PiKe

    Car park bump

    Just had a very, very low speed impact with 2 of us reversing out car parking spaces at the same time (although it was the other guys fault as he reversed whilst I was already moving). We both got out and it looked like minimal damage, slight scrape on bumper and not cracked so I just let him...
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