128gb with 5900x

23 Sep 2011
I'm hoping to run 128gig of RAM on my new AMD 5900x system.

Some of the video software I use like DaVinci Resolve and MTI Cortex would really benefit.
Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Or is it maybe not a good idea, and better to stick to 64gig?

My motherboard is the MSI MEG X570 Unify.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!
23 Mar 2011
West Side
Thanks for the reply.
Yes they look very good... and very good price as you say.
I'm just a bit worried that I can't see any of the 3600mhz sticks I've been interested in on the RAM compatibility list MSI have for my motherboard. A bit wary that it might not operate at full speed, or even have a valid XMP profile -

Qvl list They dont test every memory as for valid xmp profile never heard of invalid xmp profile just may not be achievable.

Xmp profiles is overclocking most of the time it works but sometimes it doesnt at the rated speeds, this can be due to many factors .

You always have the option to return within so many days for a refund.

If your that concerned then use the qvl list to pick the memory.
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