£1500 - What can you do me for?

15 Feb 2011
PLX chip for extra PCI-E lanes when running three way crossfire.

thats the one, thanks stulid :)

i thought it was something to do with the 3rd PCIe x16 slot but i couldnt think of the name for the life of me (is NF200 to do with SLI?)

wont make any difference. mechanical HDD's cant fill up a 3GB/s connection, let alone a 6GB/s connection. it would make a difference on an SSD, but not a mechanical HDD

at £30, the titan fenrir is well worth a look
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2 Dec 2006
not sure how that corsair ssd stacks up to the crucial m4, might be worth checking the hard disk forum if you havent already for any issues.

might be tempted to go for a wireless adapter card over a usb one, but guess thats personal preference.

for a little more i'd maybe swap the 1tb seagate for the 2tb samsung f4.

rest looks fine

My flat mate will never use 2tb so not much point and where the pc will be positioned I don't think having an antenna at the back would give as good of a signal. I use that wireless usb adapter and get pings of 20-25 in games so seems decent enough.

Wouldn't make a difference.

Personally i would go for the arock extreme 4 gen 3 board, but if you want an asus the pro version of the board you have chosen is on special.


Just trying to keep the price down really. What would getting the more expensive boards actually give him?
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