22" Monitor for the girlfriend.

15 Jan 2006
Tosche Station
Hi guys I've not really been in the loop much recently so I'm in need of some assistance here.

The last time I did any looking around at monitors was a couple of years ago when I got a Dell 2407. I vaguely understand the differences between panel types so I'm not completely clueless, I'm just after a bit of direction as to what I should be looking for in the 22" range.

A while back I remember that they were pretty much all TN panels, which I understand isn't good for this case as she's going to be doing photoshop/editing stuff (architecture student), however from what I've read it seems that this is no longer the case.

In short is it possible to find a decent 22" costing less than £200 for design work under and if so, which is the best choice?
16 Nov 2010
I guess you find the monitor for your girlfriend now. I think you are a good person.
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