280mm top clearance on the Fractal S2

10 Jan 2016
hi there guys,

during the past week or so, ive been looking at cases - theres been soo many! After a long time, ive come to like either the Fractal Meshify S2, or the standard S2. However somewhere I read that there could be an issue with clearance on those cases? - the top radiator is close to the motherboard, especially when using a 280mm radiator? not so much of a issue with 120/240/+ mm sized radiators?

I currently have corsair LPX memory, which I think is 31mm high. I am also thinking of pairing it with a Gigabyte X570 pro, which I have no idea how high the VRM modules are. Will it fit? it would be great if someone had the same/similar setup.

I also wondered about the front and top panels. How restrictive is the S2 plain panel, is the Meshify front much better?

the top, on the S2, people said there was a gap when you remove the mod-vent, and the Meshify that isnt a problem?

thanks for any help, hope you all had a great xmas!
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