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3 4G internet MiFi. Good enough for gaming?

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by GinG, 5 Sep 2021.

  1. GinG


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    Morning all,

    I'm considering getting rid of talktalk with a view to go 4G for internet.

    We go caravanning and tempted with buying a 4G router as we don't have unlimited plans on our phones.

    If I'm honest I am completely out of touch with the technology these days but was wondering if I went with the 4G unlimited plan at £22 a month it would give me the flexibility of being able to take the router away with us as well as being the same price as Talk Talk.

    I flitter between gaming, keeping a close eye on the upcoming battlefield but all I want is smooth gameplay with similar pings than the home broadband.

    Speed test with talk talk is 30/2

    4G with EE is 80/10

    Wife used to be with 3 for her mobile and never had issues with signal where we live.

    Just wondering if 4G is viable as an all round package these days?
  2. jrwagh333


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    For gaming its less about speed and more about ping - That's what you want to take a look at.

    I have a faster connection than most of my friends as I'm on Virgin. But they always had lower ping when we played CSGO and they always had the better experience
  3. tonys


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    I switched from Virgin Media 250 to a 4G router because of the price increases and some issues when playing BF V. It was, for me a better gaming experience even though the connection wasn't as fast as the VM one but game play was more than acceptable for what I wanted even though the 3 signal is fair to poor at times. I brought the Mikrotik Chateau 12 and a 3 unlimited phone sim so all I pay out now is £20 per month instead of £50. Others will be able to give more advice on devices but the setup is enough for what I need it to do.
  4. Efour


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    Location: Norrbotten, Sweden.

    Your ping will go up at least 50ms or so.
    5G about 20ms

    roughly speaking.....

    30/2 i guess this was ADSL? you probably had a < 20ms ping to a London server.
  5. lord filbuster

    Wise Guy

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    I switched completely to 4g about a year ago, because I gave up waiting for fibre to become available. I get about 200/10 with EE using a huawei b818 router, and around 30-50ms ping depending on the server.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I don't notice any latency issues gaming at all, but stuff like xbox cloud streaming does have a noticeable input lag.

    Pretty sure latency is almost entirely due to processing on your end and the tower, so if it's congested or your router isn't very good, you might end up with 60-100ms or worse.
    EE are more expensive, but where I leave at least their tower is much less congested. I was on 3 before, and I barely got one tenth of my current speeds at the best of times, and peak time ping was >100ms, mostly because the tower is over subscribed.
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    Smarty unlimited here 4G.About 80 meg down,30 meg up,Ping around 50 ms.Can play Destiny 2 ok,not much lag i can notice anyway
    Old adsl was 400kbs down and 75kbs up:(