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3070 GTA V (1440p)

24 Oct 2005
North East
for me i played gta5 fine at 1080p when it came out. Then i got a vega56 and 1440p monitor and had issues when action got going i thought it was the card but it probably wasnt. Then i got a 6700xt and same thing. Turns out it was either the polling rate on mouse set high i.e 1000 or the logitech gaming software. Once i closed that the frame rate was stable in action scenes again. I lowered the polling rate to 125 i dont think theres much diff between that and 1000. But high rates can cause high cpu usage so i keep it down now. But when i go to play gta5 i close logitech sw and i can play it maxed fine now. I keep it locked to 75/60 tho cos i think menus lag if u dont.
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