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30cm deep frying pan, oven safe, induction

Discussion in 'La Cuisine' started by BUDFORCE, 18 Oct 2020.



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    Spec me plz.

    The last one was a Jamie Oliver non-stick I got for Xmas several years ago.

    The non-stick surface is starting to degrade.

    I have an induction hob, so needs to work on that, I'm also not fussed if it isn't non-stick but some other surface, cast iron etc.

    30cm wide (give or take a bit either way), needs to be oven proof and reasonably deep.

    Budget, maybe up to £100 obviously less if you can get something as good for a lot less money.
  2. weringo


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    I have the Circulon Infinite which I'd recommend, meets all your specs and is well under budget. I use it on a gas hob so can't comment on how well it works on induction.
  3. COYS

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  6. Welshman


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    I use pro cook pans on my induction.....
  7. jpaul


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    yes (multi-ply) pro cook or equivalent

    re-posting https://www.centurylife.org/cookware-even-heating-rankings-induction-and-electric/
    Ironic that debuyer is first ... *but* their dedicated multii-ply induction range - but thats £200
    carbon steel is not there

    more eloquently worded than the carbon critique i made in other thread
  8. rG-tom


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    I have this, as well as a few non-stick triply plys and a cast iron casserole, the le creuset triple ply stuff is phenomenal.


    Fairly sure the bicester Le Creuset had the non-signature version for close to £100 a few weeks back :)