360 / PC Help (Speakers & Setup)

29 Sep 2006

Please can I ask the following advice:

Looking to purchase a 360 that will run off my Sammy Syncmaster 913B. Currently I have no speakers as I use a Sennheiser headset for my gaming, but have been told this will not plug straight into the 360 :(

My options as far as I can tell are (please correct me here as I am very unsure):

1 - Leave PC on, plug cable from 360 into my XFI Music soundcard on PC, also have headset plugged in and this may work?

2 - Buy speakers to plug straight into 360 - if so, which ones are viable (i.e. spec) and cheap (budget £25 roughly)

Id love to just have my headset run off the 360 so if there any converters for the wires to allow this id be very grateful.

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