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3770k and PC21300/2666mhz DDR3 - normally feasible?

Discussion in 'Memory' started by SirCanealot, 13 Mar 2018.

  1. SirCanealot


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    Hi everyone,

    I've recently got 16GB of PC21300/2666mhz RAM to use with my 3770k.

    However, I've found that I am unable to get it to POST at 2666, the most I can get away with is 2200.

    Edit: The feedback I've got elsewhere suggests to live with what I can get out of the IMC and tighten the timings. Is that what I need to look at doing?

    I'm just wondering, do I just have a crappy memory controller in my 3770k? I've more or less maxed all the voltages I can think to play with and have had no luck. Or are they just crappy sticks? All I can see on the internets is some 3770ks will have trouble reaching the 3000+ speeds, but not 2666 :(

    I've set the IMC voltage to the 'safe' max of 1.35v and have had no luck. Tried setting VCCIO/VTT voltage to 1.2v (which seems to be the max on my board). And I've tried setting the VDIMM voltage to 1.75v (as these are 1.65v sticks). No luck at all.

    If I set it to 2666 it simply does not POST at all and dumps me back into the BIOS and I'm not sure if 2200 is stable even. I've set the timing to what it states on the sticks (11-13-13-35).

    My board is an ASRocks Extreme 6 Z77 and the memory is these sticks:

    Unfortunately going to be away from home for a few days so won't be able to provide any more information. But just wanted to pose the question — does anyone remember is 3770ks had trouble running up to 2666 normally? Most reviews I see of memory of course do not mention running into trouble like this...

    If I should be able to get to 2666 fine under normal circumstances, might need to go give my BIOS a good reset and start again. Also posted this on Anandtech and I've had some feedback there that some 3770ks can suck like this — wanted to double check: is this par for the course? :(

    Thanks so much.
  2. Bluntwrapped


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    The wall for a 3770k tends to be 2200-2400MHz. I have two 2666MHz kits of the Teamgroup Xtreem (2x8GB) and a 3770k. While I can bench 2666MHz, the scores are much lower than 2400MHz.

    I run the two kits (4x8gb) 2400 10-12-12-31-1T with 1.65v

    I would try this yourself, and if unstable drop the frequency but leave the timings like above.