3TB HDD and SMART C7 Ultra DMA CRC Error rate

1 Aug 2006
Hi guys,

This is a new one on me, never had this issue with any HDD in the past.

I recently replaced 2x 1tb samsungs with 2 x 3tb seagate drives and I have noticed with CrystalDiskInfo that the C7 Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate is going up on both drives. I use one for storage and the other as a sync'd back. I left the backup running overnight and the drive its copying too has gone from 8 to 3B.

From what peoples posts say its a count of errors the drive has recorded of the data going on it? and usually due to bad cables?

I have changed the sata cables for brand new Silverstone CP07 cables and its not helped.

I am using an older motherboard, Asus P5Q deluxe so am using SATA II connections not III but I wouldnt have thought that would cause an error? The boards been fine, as I said never had this issue. I also moved the connections used on the board to see if that made the issue disappear, it did not.

Should I RMA the drives?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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