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4670 Azus rattling fan

6 Dec 2006
I have been using for the last couple of months a second hand ATI 4670 HD graphics card in my HTPC.
Over the last couple of days it has started to develop a rattling from the fan.

I have removed the plastic fan as this is on a simple slid fitting and cleaned it along with the bare metal cooler.

I am looking to upgrade this now as I cannot have the rattling in the living room.

I am looking for a low cast replacement cooler and fan for the card or could i just screw a new fan onto the current block?

I have never done a mod like this before so would prefer to just change the fan if poss.

Ideas/recommendations please.
6 Dec 2008
Burghead, Elgin
You could buy this cheap aftermarket cooler for your card.


Or there is also this one which is a little bit more expensive than the first, but it is a passive cooler so you wont have any fan noise to deal with.


You could just screw a fan into the existing heatsink, but I don't know how well that would work tbh.

Fitting these aftermarket coolers should be a fairly straightforward procedure though.
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