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60 Days on the Streets

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by willhub, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. cheesyboy


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    It's almost as if people in need of support recognise pointless token gestures.
  2. malachi


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    One of my friends who use to be a social worker for our area in the homeless section, they had a policy no drunk or drugs onsite. It was changed to allow them to do drink and drugs onsite because some clever spark thought if they do it behind closed doors then they wont do it on the streets in front of the public. My friend warned them it would cause problems onsite and they should invest on helping them getting off drink and drugs instead of encouraging it , he was ignored.

    Queue every other day police with riot vans would turned up to deal with fights and attacks. And the mess which came with it such as blood and people randomly soiling themselves. He left soon after and moved to another social working area.
  3. Shocky-FM


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    Most of the Homeless is Cardiff have homes, they're beggars, they don't want to work for a living or they make more begging, there's a difference.

    It's a shame because it distracts from the people that really need help
  4. efish

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    Not seen the program.

    It got a very nice review in the Guardian. I stopped buying the Guardian years ago, tipping point was one article. Posh journalist dressed in a shell suit for the day and wandered round Harrods to see if working class people would be discriminated by store workers.

    Not like contemporary poverty porn, which highlights the deserving/ non-deserving nature of the poor. 'I set out without bias, to search for Tiny Tim and the Cratchit's but I could not find them.'

    Guardian was more an opportunity to shed neo liberal tears and signify neo liberal virtue.

    Said nothing about poverty but a lot about the aspiration and values of upper middle class journalists and the Guardians sense of its middle class audience.

    Opportunity to make the world consistent with the way we feel about it.

    People pay good money for that form of experience, media is more than happy to oblige.

    I think that's the issue with this genre, it claims to be telling it like it is, more often than not its doing something else entirely.
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  5. VincentHanna


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    Glasgow episode was a eye opener.

    Yet another show highlighting how **** the English government had been in tackling these issues when Scotland is well ahead of us.