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6500XT Launch ? Price?

9 Nov 2009
Planet Earth
In fact even Nvidia is making the GT1010 with GDDR6,since it costs less than GDDR5(apparently). Considering these companies are having record margins,any price increases look to be way above any cost increases.

They are pricing it not because of production costs,but because miners snap these GPUs up for massive prices.

Remember,before the third mining boom in late 2020,there were shortages of graphics cards(especially with China shut down for months) but prices never went up as much,even as a lot of freight was used to send medical items. For example you couldn't get lots of PSUs,etc for months.

In the end all these so called issues don't seem to be affecting consoles such as the XBox Series S.

Nearly 250MM2 7NM SOC,loads of GDDR6,etc and has been very easy to find at £200~£250. Nearly 200MM2 7NM Zen2/Zen3 APU based laptops are easy to find at RRP.

Easy to find RTX3060 based gaming laptops for around the £900 mark too. RTX3060TI prebuilt desktops for under £1000 were not hard to find over the last few months. Very strange the self-build PC market is getting the worst price increases.

Yet a 107MM2 6NM/7NM SOC with much less GDDR6(than a console) suddenly is as rare as Hen's Teeth if you don't buy within a few days of launch? Sounds more like artificially limiting supply to drive up prices!!

What is the chance the same RX6500XT dGPU winds up in many laptops for under £700 perfectly fine? After all the RTX3050TI equivalent in a laptop is not that rare either,and certainly not too expensive as part of a complete system.

This has happened before with RAM,etc in the past and it lead to the EU and the US fining a bunch of companies. It will be interesting to see in 5 years time or a bit later whether we see something crop up.
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6 Nov 2005
i think it would be better to wait for the rtx3050 if it is a similar price
Good luck! looking at the rest of the market and the MSRP difference I'd say the 3050 will probably be at least £100 more... I do think it will be a much better card. but price is stupid :(