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6800GT to 7900GS?

28 Oct 2002
This may seem a quite noobish question but I haven't really followed graphics hardware for a while.
I currently have a 6800GT in my system (dual opty 248s, 2 GB memory), driving an LCD at 1280x1024 and I mostly play bf2, it's not really able to play at native res with all the options on and I was just looking on the OCUK website and the price of their own brand 7900GS looks quite attractive.

Could anyone give me an idea if this is a decent upgrade and how much difference it'll make/how much longer the card would last. I've pre ordered BF2142 and hoping to be able to play QuakeWars next year. Any advice welcome.
11 Aug 2005
Have you tried overclocking the 6800GT? If you've got a decent make/cooler they can go a lot faster.

The 7900GS is a good value card, it'll be an improvement and will last you a while certainly games will be playable until they start needing the next generation cards. You may have to start dropping details/IQ in 6 months to a year, but nothing that would take away from playability.
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