680i heatsink question

18 Oct 2002
Greater Manchester
Hey all, I have a MSI P6N 680i motherboard. Im a stickler for noise and was hoping id be able to run it passively, but its just not possible given the temps if you do.

I was wondering, which of the two chips is the hottest? Is it the northbridge (with the main massof the heatsink on it) or is it the southbridge?

My thoughts are I might be able to replace the stock cooler with two seperate passive coolers. I only have a zalman 9500 on there so have plenty of room, so ws thinking i could replace the NB with a thermalright H-05 (or something like that, the heatpipe one) and then if i moved my 7900GTO to the second PCI-E slot, I should be able to put a large passive zalman "flower" chipset cooler on the SB.

Does anyone know if the board has mounting holes in the correct places for this, also does anyone know if this would even be possible?

Id love to get rid of the 50mm fan as even set to 50% in the BIOS, the high pitched noise it makes is just driving me insane :(

Thanks guys :)
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