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6850 with three monitors. Bad idea?

13 Apr 2007
Belfast, Northern Ireland
I'm currently running a single Radeon 6850 and I'm quite keen on going to three monitors (but not Eyefinity). I play multi client EVE and want two clients on two screens with my browser, email etc on the third.

Is this achievable on the single 6850 with the Samsung S24A300BL 24" Widescreen LED Monitor running two windowed EVE clients at 1920?

Or should I be budgeting for a bigger graphics card?

Or can I add a second 6850 to run the third monitor?

I'm currently running one 1920 and one 1650 resolution monitor and I'm very happy with the graphics performance.
1 Mar 2010
5 degrees starboard
If your brand of 6850 supports three monitors, it will be no problem. In the past I have used a 3d card for two screens and added a simple 4mb memory graphics card for the 2d (browser and email) screen so this is a possibility also.
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