7200.10 320 or 500

13 Dec 2006
London SE
Any thoughts? Is the performance the same just larger capacity? Especially interested as it's on special this week. :D

Also quick after thought anyone know when Hitachi are going to ship the 7K1000 drives?
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11 Mar 2003
Greenock, Scotland
Performance shouldn't be any different between the sizes, all they do is add in more platters so the data density doesn't change. What you do get is more platter edges so there's more data on fast bits of the disk.

If you were to compare the HDTach graphs for the two the start and end of the traces will be at the same speeds and as a result the average speed across the disk will be the same. There will however be a slight difference in the speed of the first 100Gb for example because on the 500Gb on this is more towards the outside than on the 320Gb one. It's going to be a small difference (1-2%) but it's a difference nonetheless.

The 7K1000s are scheduled to be available sometime in Q1 so before 31/3 although I'm not sure how long it'll take for them to filter into the retail channel.
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