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8800GTX, maybe playing up a bit? World of Warcraft issues)

25 Mar 2008
When having two accounts open, the scenery will sometimes flash black on and off, usually things n the distance.

All the settings are maxxed.

I know it's pretty heavy duty running two WoW's, but my 7600GT could do it and didn't have any problems, the card isn't overclocked atm.
1 Jan 2007
Scotland - Wishaw
I think its an issue with WoW and nvida cards that causes it, I never had it when I used my ATI 19xx cards but sometimes I get with my 8800GTS card and I know my mate had it with his 7900 cards. This is only having 1 account open. If you try and update your driver it might help your problem as i had it more frequently with some older drivers than I do now.