a 'fill in the blanks' spec me thread

10 Jan 2007
Hey all,

Finally given in to the temptation and allocated some of my student loan for a thorough upgrade (lasting 2 years with s939 and GF7 has been hard!)

Specs (with blanks) :

CPU: Q6600 (G0)

(Bonus since its on this weeks offers, does this still give best bang for buck compared to the Q9XXX?)

CPU cooler: Got a TRUE, which will do (hey, I can rhyme :p)

Mobo: Abit IP35 Pro

(Again, it's on this weeks offer and I've heard good things about this board, but I'm open to better suggestions)


(4gb of DDR2, preferably in 2x2gb for best OC, spec me a decent brand?)

Graphics: My old 7900GT 512mb will last until the new offerings are out :)

Hard drives: 2x Samsung SpinPoint F1 1TB SATA-II 32MB

(With this weeks offer, 1TB for under £100! :eek:, looks like it gives the best of speed, (near) silence and space, doubt there's any better?)

Optical drive: BLANK

(DVD+RW drive, not sure which ones best?)

Case: Already have a nice P182

Operating System : BLANK

(I have oem Windows XP, and i really don't want to buy a out of date OS, so i'll probably take the plunge into vista (getting it retail, not oem, advice on which package is best?) This also complicates:

Sound Card: I have a Xi-Fi Music, which is nice, but after creative's recent naughty behaviour, and that vista + Xi-Fi = headache i'm tempted to buy an Asus Xonar (will it be much better under vista/in general?)

Power Supply: Corsair HX 620W ATX2.2

(best reliability?)

Plan to overclock the nuts of it, especially the graphics until i get a better card, will this system perform in the overclocking department?


P.S. only 3 blanks!?

edit: minor spelling
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Man of Honour
27 Sep 2004
If you are picking the Abit IP35 Pro then you are best to pick Ram that will boot at 1.8v initially, something like the Corsair 4gb PC6400 XMS2 would be a good option.

Optical drives are all much of a muchness, any SATA model should be fine. My preference would be for NEC, Pioneer or Samsung but any will do equally well.

If you are going to change OS then Vista 64bit makes the most sense really, it supports 4gb Ram and will only get better as Microsoft iron out the bugs. Can't really help with the X-Fi issue though.