A quick favour please folks. Good karma guaranteed*

14 Jul 2003
I don't usually do this, but seeing as I get married on Saturday and this will get me major brownie points can I ask that people consider helping me out :)

Please could you post a comment on this blog voting for "Katy". As it'll help win my other half hosting for her little crafting shop for a year and in the process, perhaps, let me off the hook if I make a mess of my wedding speech on Saturday :D


Anyone that does - I'm sending major karma your way! ;)

I don't think this counts as a competitor, unless Spie has taken up to selling knitted and upcycled goods on OCUK - now that I would pay for :D

*from title - Good karma availablilty limited, terms and conditions apply, Dons may delete/butcher/namevote me for posting such a thread.
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