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Aberfan 50 Years On

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by a1ex2001, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Meridian

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    Yes. As has already been stated, the Right Wing of the Tory party who are most keen on getting Brexit "done" have made absolutely no secret of their desire to tear up any fetters on businesses getting rich. Such annoying things as worker's rights, environmental and health protections. Will it lead to another disaster on this scale? Probably not. But expect a lot of lower-level rises in accidents, deaths etc if they get to go through with it.

    The whole point of remembering the past is in an effort not to repeat it.
  2. dowie


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    I remember hearing about it as a kid, happened before I was born but I know some members of my family collected up all the coats/waterproofs etc.. they had got in a car and head

    Well no it wasn't, you're just bringing Brexit into a thread that has no relevance to Brexit and moaning about the Tories etc..

    If you actually look at the disaster then your comment there doesn't quite fit, even after the disaster occurred, after those deaths the Government didn't move the remaining tips - there had to be a campaign and they forced a contribution of £150,000 from the disaster fund before they actually cleared the rest of the tips.

    It isn't particularly party political either, there was a Labour government in power at the time, there was a Tory government previous when tips were present too and it was the NCB that was to blame.

    Well there isn't too much coal mining about in the UK today and I don't think the action of heaping up coal waste above villages will be repeated again even after Brexit... might be better to discuss Brexit in the actual Brexit through though rather than use the anniversary of a tragedy to try and score points as Ron seemed to be doing.
  3. ubersonic


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    It's a valid point, this is the type of disaster we can look forward to happening again :(
  4. dowie


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  5. nkata


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    If there are waste tips again, they would not be placed on a sloping hillside with streams running through. If Aberfan gave us one good thing (Like the Bragg report on temporary works design), it was to percieve the hazards. In this case, geotechnical and hydraulic assessments being a requirement for similar structures in the future or as constructed.

    It should not happen again.