Abit AW9D-MAX or Abit AW9D?????

2 Sep 2006
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I have been trying to find a review of the non Max version of Abits new motherboards, cause im thinking that the boards are the same (- 3 sata ports and 1 Lan?). I have looked on the Abit site and compared the motherboards together and have found that this is the only difference, but my question is will the non max version overclock aswell? As the board reference design is the same then theres no reason why there should be any difference in overclocking abilitys, and further saving you like £25-£30 on price (i could quite easily loose 3 sata's and 1 LAN for £30 LOL) if any one can find a review of the non max version please post a link on this article. aslo i have heard that Abit will be releasing a Fatl1ty version aswell, what else can they add to this board to make it better? possibly another 3 sata's? LOL or probaly nothing but a couple of fance logo stickers and some stupid red leds LOL.
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