Advice needed - Staying in London

25 Jan 2003
So i bought the mrs tickets to go and see Oliver! for Christmas.
Included is a stay overnight at the City Inn Westminster, the little 'un is staying with the grandparents, the dog is in the kennel and we are both really looking forward to it.

Now the last time i went to London was some 20yrs ago on a coach and i'm at a loss as to what do re travelling arrangements.
I am gonna drive, but don't know whether to go straight to the hotel and parking there (£40 a day!!) or parking outside the centre and getting a tube/taxi/bus/train instead. The hotel is situated in SW1, so am i right in thinking driving to there on a saturday would be difficult, would i have to pay a congestion charge ?

Also, the journey to the theatre from the hotel, the mrs is fretting about getting on the tube late on a saturday night, so maybe a taxi ? What sort of prices can i expect to pay?

I really am an absolute novice on this guys, so any help from you would be appreciated.

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18 Oct 2002
oliver is on druiry lane, which is near the strand so that'll cost roughly £10 from where you are give or take on traffic. its like a 20min walk if you know the way. tubes run like every couple of mins so i wouldnt worry about missing the tube if you leave plenty of time to get there.

on saturday you dont need to pay congestion charge. it depends on what time you go there, but yes, it will be pretty busy (and the roads are nuts and confusing in london if you dont drive there often).

as for parking outside the centre, im not entirely sure how this one would work. parking is expensive anywhere in london really. but it is free on yellow lines (there are plenty near your hotel) after 6:30 (i think not 100% sure there)
6 Jan 2008
Outside of the very centre of london, parking is extremely easy. Just find a residential street in zone 2 or 3 that has no parking restrictions.
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