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Advice on upgrading

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Indie, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Indie


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    Looking at trading in my 2010 Kia Sportage for something a little nicer, come to the end of its HP and have some spare cash per month to play with as well so thought why not. I'd be part-exing this to put a half decent deposit down and have some cash spare. looking at HP/PCP whatever seems to work out better.

    Preferably looking at another SUV style. Prefer the higher up driving position, easier to put the kids in seats and get two huskies in the back as well as carrying an array of american football gear. My parents are getting on a bit too so its a little easier for them to get into over an estate. But I'm still open to ideas.

    I don't do as many miles as i used to any more so roughly around 10-15k.

    Looking for a bit more of a luxurious driving experience, though I suppose this wouldn't be too difficult considering i'm used to driving the Sportage now, even though I've enjoyed it! Automatic is a must too.

    Thus far I've looked at the X3, Q3/5, GLC, LR DS.

    Not got round to looking at the XC60 yet but plan on seeing one this week. Although I'm not keen on the aesthetics in all fairness

    Of all of them I seem to be leaning more towards the Discovery Sport. Liked the X3, the Q3/5 were actually disappointing, nice to drive but rubbish for space in comparison to the others, the GLC i didn't drive just discounted it based on there not being enough space.

    Anything that anybody else can add to the mix that I haven't thought of or can offer any advice on the ones I've looked at. Any DS horror stories or issues with the models that are a couple of years old?

    I don't really update myself on whats what until i actually come to buy something new and then I normally come here so any advice appreciated!