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Advice with building a small form factor Gaming PC

Discussion in 'Small Form Factor and Single Board Computers' started by Lankoss, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. Lankoss


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    I work offshore so spend alot of time travelling, but predominantly I am on an Oil Rig. My current Gaming Laptop is really starting to show it's age now so i am toying with the idea of building an ultra portable gaming PC that I can either stick in my bag or even better in my rucksack and do away entirely with the gaming Laptop.

    Am I right in thinking I would be able to build a decent mid range for less than what it would cost for a lower spec Laptop, but still keep it travel size? The laptops I have been looking at are the 1660ti/2060 models, so £1000-£1300 pretty much, which is a bitter pill to swallow seeing as I have a Gaming PC sat at home worth more than that.

    Can anyone offer any advice on where to start, or even share their experiences with building their own? I don't have a set spec in mind yet, but seeing as it's a second PC used only for travel, I'm more concerned with getting best bang for buck without too many sacrifices as aposed to building an all out gaming rig.
  2. morbid42


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    I would decide what type of games you want to play (and screen res etc), and buy "just enough", as its secondary pc.

    For me, Im building a tiny cheap ryzen 2400g, chinese ram/storage/heatsinks etc - i know the games i want to play (roms/indie games and few year old titles) and can avoid overkill. Knowing the res of tv being the would be used on, 720, also helped me decide.
  3. StarShock

    Wise Guy

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    You could reuse your CPU, GPU, storage and ram from your current PC then get a compatible itx motherboard and little case.
  4. Steveocee


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