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AI and the future of society-The past predicts the future?

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Orionaut, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Angilion

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    If you could come up with anything other than "enough paid work will appear" without having any reason or any idea what new area of work will appear in for mass employment, I'd believe you when you say that it's not your argument that enough paid work will inevitably appear from nothing for no known reason.

    Something happening in the past in very different circumstances doesn't mean it will happen again in the future.

    Employment figures could have increased because of reduced working hours - if two people on 10 hour a week contracts replace one person on a 40 hour a week contract the number of jobs has doubled but the amount of paid work has halved. Zero hour contracts count as a job. Or they could have increased because for the time being it's still cheaper in the short term to pay minimum wage than to automate. Most businesses won't plan ahead very far and focus on short term cost cutting, so automation is proceeding slowly most of the time. The biggest pace of change has been the move to online because that was mostly paid for by customers and could be framed as a short term cost reduction.

    Incidentally, people became luddites because they and their families were dying. It wasn't a trivial or purely ideological thing.
  2. Orionaut


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    The real bitterness was that the products that the machines produced were actually vastly inferior in quality. The only advantage to the customers was that they were a lot cheaper.

    Losing your livelihood to a machine was progress, perhaps.

    Losing it to poor quality tat is just insulting!

    That really hurt!

    And I sympathize.

  3. sigma

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    Universal basic income for the essentials. Jobs in care/health, given that we'll have an aging population. Other services areas may get a boost if AI causes economic boom times.

    Or because they are now designed not to last? I don't think automation of manufacturing automatically results lower quality, there are many other factors and price pressures.