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Airbus A320 Crashes in Alps

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SS-89, 24 Mar 2015.

  1. Will Gill


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  2. McBain


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    Madness by name, madness by nature :p
  3. POB


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    If a phone was still intact and moved to somewhere with data coverage, the file could have be auto-backedup to the cloud?

    I'd assume there was no phone coverage on the mountain.
  4. GAM8LE


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    :-o wow!
  5. stulid

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    2nd blackbox thingy found.

    Source skynews etc.
  6. leaskovski


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    Sounds like someone has already watched it.

    Anyway, the mag and newspaper are handing the media over, and this article mentions pretty much what you say...

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  7. GAM8LE


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    I read an article yesterday that was shown on the msn website, cant remember where it originated from though. It might have been this:

  8. Westyfield2


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    Can't believe that they got any data off that - photos looked completely smashed!
  9. ianh


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    Thats just the outer packing, the data is kept on memory chips similar to a MicroSD card so it's incredibly small and the large size of the box means that the very small chips inside are extremely well protected to impact & heat etc.
  10. Blackjack Davy


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    Depends on the degree of disentegration I believe. I remember on National Geographic they used to have an air crash investigation programme series once mentioning all sorts of parts a torso lying in a tree, someone poked it with a stick trying to get it down and the innards all spilled out down onto this person, who promptly threw up, and even a brain sitting on a rock perfectly intact until without knowing it a journo rushing to get a better photo stepped on it... always sticks in my mind.
  11. CaptainRAVE

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    It is impressive that the black box data survived when you consider the impact involved. I would rather not think about the remnants of the people involved, but you wouldn't expect there to be much left with this one. Can't even imagine it tbh.
  12. GAM8LE


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    What are black boxes made of? Because they are reported at being able to survive full speed crashes.
  13. "andy"


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  14. ikillbears


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    tehehe, she said mate! though I do find those narrating voices so incredibly irritating.
  15. Squark


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  16. SciNeT

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    Japan Airlines flight 123 I believe, gruesome.
  17. koolpc


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    Horrible but real i guess. So horrid for those first on a scene or who have to search for body parts!
  18. dunker


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    put my life in the hands of two humans? nope! could'nt pay me a billion pounds to fly on a civilian plane. there's no safety if a wing falls off. yeah it's unlikely to happen but if it does, everyone dies. and pretty much once a year it happens, somewhere.
  19. Minstadave


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    That logic makes little sense. Drive on the motorway? You put your life in hundreds of peoples hands and hope they don't decide to kill you, far more people die on the roads each year. Have an operation? Take a medication? Etc.