Akasa FC-03 Fanbus reporting incorrect RPM's

14 Oct 2005
lo all (again!)

Having just took possession of an Akasa FC-03 controller, I installed it in my Eclipse, attached all my fans etc. Powered up, all seems fine, it does control the speeds of the fans fine, but the RPM counters are reporting incorrect fan speeds with my two Ambers when I lower the speed below 1000RPM. At this point, the controller reports speeds of around 1800RPM, even though the fan is running slower (audibly at least).

It appears to be reporting correct speeds with my Scythe Mine and the fan that came pre-installed in the Eclipse Advanced Side Panel (which spins 200RPM slower than the Ambers!)

Is it just something I'll have to live with? I ordered the FC-03 at the same time as my case and fans, but it arrived afterwards. I don't really need it, the Ambers are quiet enough to please me even at full speed! :)

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