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Alan Henning killed.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mgsdetail, 3 Oct 2014.

  1. rikky


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    But on the other hand it is great propaganda for this government and anything they decide to do down the line ...

    Let's fact it until westerners start putting boots on the ground this regime is going to thrive in the middle east. If the middle east can't (won't) sort their own problems out we will always be drawn into a holy war type stance, that is the sole goal of IS.
  2. Acme


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    :( :mad:
  3. rikky


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    Don't be duped - why do you think it will take Western boots on the ground to resolve this issue??

    Let's face it we all know what the outcome of these IS videos ultimately has to be - they are simply goading the west into playing the part of the bad guys against muslims once more.

    We don't have any appetite for war but I think nuking the fukcers might just be the answer they weren's entirely seeking.
  4. OhEsEcks


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  5. deuse


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    Very sad news. RIP :(
  6. Gogl

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    With France having paid a reputed $18 million (though this is denied by them) for the release of four journalists and with Germany also suspected of having done some sort of deal in recent times, ideologies aside, it makes it very unlikely that anyone will be released without them first securing a ransom payment. Not that there aren't people twisted enough to do these things for whatever warped reasoning, but I just can't help but see the executions as being as much a way to compel further ransom payments and make more money, alongside it being the enactment of a brutal ideology.
  7. [email protected]


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    Unsurprising result, though still very saddening. RIP.

    Those within IS are puppets like anyone else, and they probably don't even realize it.
  8. Glaucus

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    France should have sanctions put on them, as terrible as it is. You can't and shouldn't do deals with them.

    And RIP a terrible death for a bloke trying to do a great deed.
  9. Cosimo

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    Such terrible news. RIP
  10. Conscript


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    I cannot think of anything worse to watch than a real video of a fellow human being beheaded.

    I've not seen the video of Alan Henning's death, and I would not want to. I once saw a similar video about 10 years ago and it was the most horrific thing I have ever seen or heard. To think that there are people on this planet who not only do this, but believe it justified, angers and disgusts me.

    RIP Alan Henning.
  11. Gixer

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    I sometimes wonder if religion really has anything to do with these kinda nut jobs. I think that they just use religion or their so called 'beliefs' as a front so that they can justify raping women, kidnapping innocents and killing them on camera because they actually enjoy it and get off over having that sort of power. I could of course be totally wrong but even if you believed in a god it'd be beyond most people to be able to hack a persons head off time after time. They have to be getting some kind of sick kick or enjoyment out of doing these things I'm sure.

    RIP to the fella, he did not deserve this to happen to him at all.
  12. spoffle


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    Nope, you've got it about right there.
  13. Rybo89


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    I came across the video on a news site after googling his name. The video just didn't look real to me??

    Then I read the comments which was odd, tin foil hat kind of odd. CIA are staging it, Alan Henning was the perfect guy to pull at people's heart strings and get the Brits in there etc etc.

    Though I don't know what to believe, it is not surprising that people are believing this^

    Bet the conspiracy guys are having a field day....

    RIP to Alan and I hope his family get the support they need. Really got to feel for them.
  14. 413x


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    Religion is a great tool for propaganda. Giving those with no hope and a grudge (arguably a justified one) a 'just' cause

    Isis or whatever they are don't need the world in their sad existence. One thing that provides peace between cultures is dependence. China etc are very very different to us but they need to sell what we need to buy. They have a better economy for it.

    Isis have nothing. Nothing to lose or gain. Religion and the inevitable corruption that follows has a prefect breeding ground in isis
  15. d_brennen


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    Dont know about any CT stuff,I find it hard to believe that people are going potty because of some dusty old fables.

    IS is an Islamic problem, it needs an Islamic solution and no amount of ordnance from above will change this. The "Islamic world" whatever that means needs to step up, IS is more of a threat to Islam than the West ever will be
  16. zoomee


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    See this is a typical response bud - I don't blame you I blame the media.

    The 'silent' UK majority have already voiced their opinion on a large number of occasions against ISIS - its just that the media do not want to publicise that as much as the bad guys:


    But lets not get in the way of the papers stirring up more hatred and marginalising our own UK muslims. This also plays into the hands of the warmongering politicians:


    RIP Alan my friend :( I pray your murderers are brought to swift justice.
  17. Jester*

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    Thoughts go out to his family.

    As has been said, justifying the murder of an aid worker can never be accepted. I have no concrete opinions on what can be done to stop this barbarism. But truly believe it should be eradicated.

    Why in this day and age are we still brutal to one another, and for what. Such a needless and tragic waste of life.
  18. Edinho


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    Yeah I've seen all these demonstrations opposing IS. Funny that. But draw a caricature of Mohammed and all hell breaks loose. You have to laugh at hypocrisy
  19. Edinho


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    Ops double post
  20. stument


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    Sad news...