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All Zen4 to have iGPU by design

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by Harlequin, 24 Aug 2021.

  1. Psycho Sonny


    Joined: 21 Jun 2006

    Posts: 37,853

    I have several and used several laptops with igpu over the years and none of them felt slow especially the modern Surface range from MS. Why would an iGPU be slow for office type tasks?
  2. smilingcrow


    Joined: 27 Apr 2007

    Posts: 949

    They aren't.
    I added a 1030 to my desktop and have noticed no significant difference with Office 365 or Windows in general.
    A low end GPU for sure but still well ahead of the 4+ year old IGP in my desktop.
  3. Rainmaker


    Joined: 18 Aug 2007

    Posts: 8,939

    Location: Liverpool



    *Sees username*


    *Carries on scrolling*

    An AMD iGPU could be just what I'm after next time around.
  4. Scougar


    Joined: 30 Jan 2007

    Posts: 13,408

    Location: PA, USA

    Good. Hopefully this means the chips won't be nerfed like the 5xxxg chips. They have terrible performance with high frame rate games for example even at the same frequency as other non iGPU 5xxx series chips.

    The earlier persons comment about "non-responsiveness" with iGPU might we down to AMDs earlier APUs (kavari/godvari) declocking the CPU by 1000mhz when the iGPU was in use. This was solved by modifying the power play tables to keep it full speed. However, this de-clocking never resulted in "sluggish" responsiveness if we are talking about desktop, because the iGPU wasn't used on desktop (for 3D, where it declocked).

    But lets just assume it was trolling, because a dGPU definitely wouldn't stress the CPU /sarcasm.
    Last edited: 26 Sep 2021
  5. KompuKare

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 31 Dec 2010

    Posts: 1,147

    That's almost 100% down to having half the cache. Which is down to AMD not wanting to offer a bigger die for the price.

    Aside from choices made to lower APU power requirements like no PCIe 4.0, the APUs should be somewhat faster as they are monolithic but because of the cache difference we can't directly compare until and unless AMD release a Zen 3 non-APU with half the cache turned off.
  6. Scougar


    Joined: 30 Jan 2007

    Posts: 13,408

    Location: PA, USA

    The chip performs around 3600 level at times even with a much better clock speed. It's not a acceptable really and I don't see why reviewers gave it a good score.

    That's why i am looking forward to these versions.
  7. jigger


    Joined: 28 May 2007

    Posts: 15,141