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Amazon parcel sizes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cheesefest, 4 Nov 2021.

  1. cheesefest

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    Just now I have received this from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bobble-Car...25090&pd_rd_wg=BVA8B&pd_rd_i=B08G1JJTG1&psc=1 and it came in a shoe size box.

    Amazon tag a box size by each product - remember seeing something on Amazon 2-3 years ago. So in my case, it says please use box E1 on its packaging system.

    I thought Amazon were going to make it so use smaller packages. If use smaller packages, that means couriers can carry more packages etc.

    My friend ordered a height chart for daughter's room. It was in a cardboard tube which was placed inside a massive box! Why couldn't they send it in the tube? I remember as a teen ordering posters from mail order and they were delivered in a cardboard tube.

    What's your experiences with Amazon's over packaging?
  2. Thekwango


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    i've found the same on occasion, small items packed into ridiculously oversized packaging. had a micro sd card arrive in a box i could have lived in when a padded envelope would have sufficed. but then recently had a headset arrive in literally just it's original box with a shipping label slapped on to it. sometimes seems there's no rhyme nor reason to their packaging.
  3. tom_e

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    I remember getting a 32mm socket which is roughly the size of 2 matchboxes stuck together, it came in a box the size of 2 shoeboxes end to end rammed with packing paper. Made me laugh, you'd have to try pretty hard to damage it it would probably have been safe in a plastic bag with the label on.
  4. Ryan-3


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    I've had some soft roll-up protectors to go between pans delivered before and they delivered them flat in a box that could fit a TV. They're specifically designed so they fold at the edges of the packaging...
  5. CREATIVE!11


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    Yeah happened to me a lot.

    It gets me pretty angry tbh. 1) fills up my recycling 2) it's a gargantuan waste.
  6. DB_SamX


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    This massively bothers me too, so I started using Amazon (dedicated) day as a result if my order isn't urgent. At least it means they combine a few things in a single box once a week.
  7. dLockers


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  8. cheesefest

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  9. Semple


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  10. builder22


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    prob packed by robots, haven't got the AI fine tuned enough yet :p