Amazon Prime live sports image quality

3 Aug 2015
Have experienced issues a few times trying to watch PL football on Amazon. First time (think it was last year) could watch the build up to a game then couldn’t connect when the match started.

Today I’m watching the Spurs match and the resolution keeps bouncing between SD and HD. Very frustrating!

Amazon’s “help” page suggests checking your device bandwidth but I doubt this is the issue since I’ve been watching 4K movies all week over streaming (including Amazon) over a wired connection.

Have Amazon just underestimated demand and their service just can’t cope with the amount of resource they’ve allocated to it?

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13 Oct 2006
I've only been watching on and off but not seen it bouncing between SD and HD - think there was like 2 very brief moments.

The HD is pretty borderline IMO though.
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