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AMD Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000) - *** NO COMPETITOR HINTING ***

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by Jamin280672, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. Double07

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    Not difficult to find it sub £200 right now and looks a steal.

    On the plus side my R5 2600 is probably actually still going to worth more than a fiver second hand now :)
  2. ljt


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    They've had 2 generations at that core/price, and now a 3rd. Perhaps, using this new node, maybe shake the market up again by offering 12 cores for that price point, and now offer 8 cores at the old 6 core price point, and so on etc, get rid of 4 cores at the low end well and truly, allowing 6 cores to become the mainstream.
  3. viathinair

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    I should've added: I'm still quite liking the look of these chips, and I'll be buying one (probably a 3700X or 3800X around Xmas after prices have settled). However, I wish AMD had better pricing to really smack Intel hard(er) and take (more) market share.
  4. ChrisD.


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    Give it away of course.
  5. easyrider


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    Yeah just seen that...that’s ALOT of chip for sub £200

    At this price is £129 extra worth it for the 3700x...hmmm
  6. hyperseven


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    It was only £168 a few days ago with the eBay code.

    love new products launches, it brings out the best in people just look and the comradery. Gives me hope :D
  7. Jacky60


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    I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the product stack but I'll almost certainly wait and give Intel a chance to respond. IF AMD had announced/released
    a 12 core or 16 core 5Ghz monster I'd be all over it but at the moment its £500 for a CPU that probably won't beat a 9900KS in gaming. If AMD hold back
    the best or keep prices a little higher than I'd like it may well mean I abort plans to spend again with AMD for the first time in nearly 20 years in the CPU space.
    The upgrade is just not quite compelling enough and I know Intel really do perform in games. AMD need to show me 12 or 16 cores with higher clock speed for me to believe
    they'll be relevant in 2-4 years time, if not I'll wait for Zen 3 or get the 9900KS.
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
  8. Martini1991


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    Well the thing is people have had people like you hyping them up for months and months lol.

    With all the supposed product stack changes etc.

    I'm more than happy with what AMD have offered though. I'm in for the 3800X at least, potentially the 3900X

    Given I bought my 2700 for 270 at launch I would have preferred a $300 RRP for the 3700X though.

    I just need a new graphics card as well though
  9. Curlyriff

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    15% increase at a much lower tdp is significant though. Why are you writing it off like that's not an achievement.

    That's decent and although anyone on Ryzen 2XXX series don't need to upgrade, people on the 1XXX series or older Intel CPU have a great upgrade path at a decent price point.
  10. easyrider


    Joined: Dec 24, 2005

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  11. easyrider


    Joined: Dec 24, 2005

    Posts: 38,346

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    3800x £399...tad pricy no?
  12. Temi_D

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    My only disappointment is no 16c at launch - solid line up otherwise. I guess some people had some "overly optimistic" expectations? I'm looking at getting a x570 mobo, 2x16GB ram and a heavily discounted 2700 then waiting for the 16c. I recon it'll be a massive step up from my current 2600k :D
  13. Silent_Scone


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  14. humbug


    Joined: Mar 17, 2012

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    It seems like that sometimes, AMD were missing about 15% gaming performance to Coffeelake because of the clock difference, looks like the clocks are no higher but with a 15% boost in IPC they are now about equal, of course we have to wait for independent benchmarks but i think its probably right, i think the 8 core Zen will sit around the 9900K and it is much cheaper.
  15. Jono8


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    How disappointing. I mean it isn't bad, but clock speeds and pricing are a disappointment.

    Should have known most of the leaks were too good to be true.
  16. Potatowithearsontheside


    Joined: Jan 2, 2019

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    Can you remind us of the relative price and performance metrics at the moment in time that you bought that 9900K (that you later sold)...?
    I think there's an element of cognitive dissonance going on here with you.
  17. Stephanie Peterson


    Joined: Jan 9, 2019

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    To be fair yes i would like to have seen these part ~50$ cheaper but they are competitive at the end of the day.
    Still its likely that the only part you will need is the 3700x and overclock it, even another 100-150mhz will ensure it price/performance victory by a mile.
  18. KentMan


    Joined: Dec 14, 2016

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    Found this interesting


    I will be trading in my CH6 and 1700 for probably the 3800X if it turns out to be a single CCX design as I suspect this will be the best gaming CPU in the lineup.

    Everyone has seen the prices and whined, not sure why, AMD released Zen and Zen+ at the same price points, currently AMD chips are priced super low to clear the channel, day 1 prices are the same as previous Zen day 1 prices and will drop over their lifetime the same.

    You either pay day 1 tax and accept it or you don't, you can wait for price reductions to happen etc.

    Intel has nothing to offer, the 9900ks is a gimmick CPU with more than likely exceptionally low amount of stock, and will be more expensive than the current 9900k, and I don't see Intel dropping their prices, they are too fat stupid and arrogant for that.

    I'm excited to see Navi evolve as well, shame they didn't discuss pricing on that although I've heard it rumoured that they are targeting 2060 prices with 2070 performance, time will tell.

    Overall i expect AMD to make considerable inroads on market share this year and next with this product stack.

    Just want to see some reviews now, and some motherboard options, looking at the Taichi myself, or possibly the Asus CH8, won't be touching Gigabyte though, and probably not MSI either unless they make a decent B550 Gaming Pro Carbon
  19. Martini1991


    Joined: Sep 18, 2009

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    Cheaper than the 1800X and much better.

    It's not a bad product, it's just not what the pro AMD fans were promoting, but it never is.

    End of the day what's better than a 3800X at £400?
  20. Aretak

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    The usual suspects desperately trying to make a negative out of all this I see. They're just objective neutrals though... honest! :rolleyes: