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AMD Zen 3 (4000 Series), rumored 17% IPC gain.

Discussion in 'CPUs' started by AStaley, Dec 27, 2019.

  1. Ayahuasca


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    Nobody knows, I've noticed quite a few 3950X's going up for sale over the last week.
  2. ~>Dg<~


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    they supposed to be on target for november launch. so end of year.
  3. MrMarvelous


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    Cheers guys.
  4. LePhuronn


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    Well it would've been 30x0(XT) like the RTX series (which is why Nvidia did some legalism then named Ampere RTX 3000, rather than RTX 2100).

    But 5700XT GPU in 2019 and 5700XT CPU in 2022 is very likely
  5. KompuKare


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    Obviously on a monolith die like the APU everything is at 7nm but that doesn't meant the transistor density is the same throughout the whole die.

    IO just doesn't scale as well as logic, and presumably certain parts need extra spacing to able to run larger currents and/or higher voltages.

    But don't forget that this all has to be balanced against power usage. So far PCIe4.0 has been quite a power hug, and there are reviews out there showing Threadripper 1 spending a large % of it's power budget outside of the cores.

    On the other hand some cleverness can help. As in normally you'd expect lower clocks to run more efficient but Renoir (and even a lot of Nvidia GPUs) have some parts running at frequencies which seem way above the freq/power sweet spot.
  6. Bluntwrapped


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    Can’t wait to put one of these in my Sentry 2.0.

    My 3770K has been an amazing chip but I feel it’s time for something new.
  7. Grim5


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    Nocevto be in a big market, I can't even find a single secondhand 2080ti
  8. Boot_Loop


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    EDIT: wrong thread!
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  9. Dicehunter


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    Really hope we can just drop in the 4000 series into X570 boards and not miss out on any features.
  10. FoxEye


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    Given how recently B550 launched, it would extremely odd if B550 didn't 100% support 4000 series.

    And therefore would be extremely odd if X570 didn't support 4000 series (and B550 did..)

    But who knows.
  11. humbug


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    AMD have said the 500 series boards will support Zen3 fully
  12. CuriousTomCat

    Wise Guy

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    There was a rumour that Zen 3 will drop alongside x670 but x570 will definately have full support. They wouldn't have just released B550 if the whole 5000 series will be EOL in a few months.
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  13. Participant


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    I'm more interested in A520 for some budget gaming ITX builds.

    It'll be interesting to see the difference that PCIe 4 makes to benchmarks at varying levels of graphics card.
  14. Dave2150


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    This has already been tested on PCI-E V4 boards that are released. Makes 0 difference to gaming.

    Testing has shown that only the 2080TI is fast enough to show a speed increase going from PCI-E v3 X8 to X16. It will probably take 5-7 years for any GPU to be powerful enough to show a speed increase from PCI-E v3 to v4, so isn't worth worrying over.
  15. jigger


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    I believe a 5700 shows a few percent improvement on a PCI-E 4 bus.
  16. Doobedoo


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    New info from AdoredTv

  17. BongoHunter

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Apr 14, 2014

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    The way that Intel and AMD at least appear to be going with the more modular approach might allow us to saturate the bus quite soon if it takes off
  18. humbug


    Joined: Mar 17, 2012

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    So Jim still thinks Zen Desktop is delayed until next year "late December 2020" is basically not actually available to buy until the middle of January 2021 at the earliest.

    Zen 3 in 2020? AMD say yes, AdoredTV says no.
  19. HACO

    Wise Guy

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    Looks like the 265th person from AMD needs to confirm that it’s coming this year.
  20. Gerard


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    They could release the server chips at the end of the year and still have it be considered launching at the end of the year. Possibility they want to release zen and big navi at the same time for all we know.